Roundtable: April 23, 2021 Reading Materials

CLE Readings

Paper Presentation I

  1. John Armour, Richard Parnham & Mari Sako, Augmented Lawyering (European Corporate Governance Institute - Law Working Paper 558/2020, August 21, 2020). 
  2. SixFifty - Powered by Wilson Sonsini.  See also “How SixFifty Works” on Vimeo.

Paper Presentation II

  1. George O. Aragon, Yuxiang Jiang, Juha Joenväärä, & Cristian Ioan Tiu, Socially Responsible Investments: Costs and Benefits for University Endowment Funds (April 2021). 

Panel Discussion: Central Bank and Corporate Board Responses to COVID-19

  1. Sigriður Benediktsdóttir, Greg Feldberg, & J. Nellie Liang, What Macroprudential Policies Are Countries Using to Help Their Economies through the COVID-19 Crisis?, Brookings Institution (blog) (April 6, 2020).  
  2. Paolo Cavallino & Fiorella De Fiore, Central banks’ response to Covid-19 in advanced economies, Bank for International Settlements: Bulletin No. 21 (June 5, 2020).
  3. Jeffrey Cheng, Tyler Powell, Dave Skidmore, & David Wessel, What’s the Fed Doing in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis? What More Could It Do?, Brookings Institution (blog) (March 30, 2021). 
  4. Cynthia Dow, et. al., “Being a Source of Truth for the Organization”: The Role of Chief Legal Officers in an Era of Disruption, Russell Reynolds Associates Insights (July 15, 2020).
  5. William B. English & J. Nellie Liang, Designing the Main Street Lending Program: Challenges and Options, 2 Journal of Financial Crises 1 (2020).  
  6. Marc Labonte, The Federal Reserve’s Response to COVID-19: Policy Issues, Congressional Research Service (February 8, 2021).  
  7. Jack “Rusty” O’Kelley III, et. al., Board Leadership and Performance in a CrisisRussell Reynolds Associates Insights (March 23, 2020). 
  8. Dean T. Stamoulis & PJ Neal, Six COVID-era Leadership ImperativesRussell Reynolds Associates Insights (May 7, 2020).
  9. Yale Program on Financial Stability, The Economic-Policy Response to COVID-19 (July 10, 2020) (a webinar with Ben Bernanke, Agustin Carstens, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and Janet Yellen; moderated by Andrew Metrick, Janet L. Yellen Professor of Finance and Management, Yale School of Management).

Optional Reading on Central Bank Responses to COVID-19

The mission of the Yale Program on Financial Stability is to create, disseminate, and preserve knowledge about financial crises. Directed by Professor Andrew Metrick at the Yale School of Management, the Program has tracked economic interventions by central banks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In case of interest, the Yale Program on Financial Stability has provided additional reading suggestions on such interventions here.