20th Anniversary · 1999 - 2019

Joint Degree Model Program

Joint J.D.-Ph.D. in Finance

Year 1 (Law School):
Fall semester: required first term courses (16 units); Spring semester: Business Organizations and law school courses

Year 2 (SOM):
Fall semester: Economics 500 (Microeconomics), Economics 550a (Econometrics I), Mgt 740 (Financial Econometrics I); Spring semester: Economics 501b (Game Theory), Economics 551b (Econometrics II), Mgt 545 (Financial Engineering)

Year 3 (SOM and Law School):
Fall semester (SOM): Mgt 742 (Corporate Finance and Market Microstructure) (other graduate finance course if Mgt 742 is not offered), start on second year research paper, two other graduate or law courses; Spring semester (Law School): law school courses and completion of substantial or supervised analytic writing requirement; qualifying finance exam taken at the end of the semester 

Year 4: (Law School and SOM)
Fall semester: remaining SOM elective (chosen from graduate level finance or accounting courses, if not taken in Year 3);  remaining law school courses; Spring semester: start or continue work on dissertation

Note: students receive 12 Law School units for SOM courses in one semester in Year 2