Judge Ralph Winter’s Securities Regulation Course Fall 2011 Schedule

Fall 2011 Securities Regulation Course Schedule


Monday, Dec. 5

  Andrew Hruska ‘93, King & Spaulding LLP, “Going Criminal in Security Cases”

Tuesday, Dec. 6

  Steven Thomas, Thomas, Alexander & Forrester LLP, “Bringing Plaintiffs Securities Cases”

Wednesday, Dec. 7

  Ezra Field, Roark Capital Group, “Private Equity Firms”

Monday, Dec. 12

  Peter Ezersky ‘85, Quadrangle Group LLC, “The Anatomy of a Deal”

Tuesday, Dec. 13

  Christopher DeLong ‘93, Taconic Capital Advisors LP, “MF Global’s Collapse in Spite of a Complex Regulatory Framework”

Wednesday, Dec. 14

  Robert Giuffra ‘87, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, “Defending Securities Investigations”